Grayscale Algorhythm

Algorhythm: an 8-channel polyrhythmic trigger sequencer

Algorhythm provides up to 8 channels of highly flexible and creative trigger sequencing options for your Eurorack modular system. With the new "Polyrhythm" firmware (released in 2017), you can choose from 8:8, 4:16, 2:32, and 1:64 channel:step modes depending on your needs. Each sub-sequence is independent from the others, with its own length, randomization, gate/trig, and looping settings. All parameters are automatically saved in memory and restored at startup.

Matte black alternate panels are available here. If you're buying a new Algorhythm module or kit, a black panel will be included for free in addition to the aluminum panel. If you would like the module to ship with the black panel, contact us or include a note during checkout.

The DIY kit includes everything required to build the module. All SMD components are pre-installed on a fully tested sub-assembly. Only the jacks, switches, and headers need to be soldered in place. Aluminum and black panels are both included.

Core Features

The feature set of the Algorhythm is greatly extended by the "Polyrhythm" v2 firmware. If your module needs a firmware update, download the manual below for instructions.

Pulse Outputs 12
Pulse Inputs 4
Playback Modes Linear and Random (per 8-step segment)
Gate/Trig Setting Programmable per 8-step segment
Segment Length Variable (from 1-8 steps per segment)
Simultaneous Channels Up to 8 channels
Sequence Length Up to 64 steps
Width 12hp
Depth 46mm
Power 100ma (+12V)
Original firmware manual Download PDF
"Polyrhythm" firmware manual Download PDF

Audio + Video Demos