Panel options: aluminum or matte black

Supercell: an expanded version of Clouds

Clouds, the granular synthesis module from Mutable Instruments, was discontinued in 2017. Supercell brings back Clouds in a more accessible 34 hp form factor, offering an improved user interface and several additional features:

All other features of the original Clouds remain intact, including access to the alternate modes. Thanks to Olivier Gillet for making the original Clouds hardware and firmware available under open-source licenses. Third-party firmware such as Parasites (by Matthias Puech) and Beat Repeat (by Julius Kammerl) will be supported in future firmware updates after the initial release of the module.

Add to your ModularGrid rack: aluminum or matte black

How to Order

The first batch of Supercell modules has sold out. Preorder below to reserve a unit from the second batch, which will be available in January 2019. Shipping costs will be calculated during checkout based on your location.

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User Manual Version 1.0