Grayscale Supercell - an expanded version of Clouds by Mutable Instruments

Supercell: an expanded version of Clouds by Mutable Instruments

Clouds, the granular synthesis module from Mutable Instruments, was discontinued in 2017. Supercell brings back Clouds in a more accessible 34 hp form factor, offering an improved user interface and several additional features:

All other features of the original Clouds remain intact, including access to the alternate modes. Thanks to Mutable Instruments for making the original Clouds hardware and firmware available under open-source licenses. The "Superparasites" alternate firmware is also available, which combines the code from Parasites (Matthias Puech) with Beat Repeat (Julius Kammerl) into one powerful expanded firmware with eight DSP modes available. See the Downloads section below for details or Github for source code.

Available with two front panel options: aluminum/gray or matte black


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Downloads + Documentation

User Manual Version 1.05 [pdf]
Supercell Core Firmware [wav]
Supercell Superparasites Firmware [wav]

The "Core" firmware provides the four original DSP modes from Clouds, adapted for Supercell. The "Superparasites" firmware combines the Clouds Parasites firmware by Matthias Puech with the Beat Repeat firmware by Julius Kammerl. This combined firmware was developed in collaboration with Patrick Dowling, a core contributor to the Ornament & Crime firmware. Thanks to all involved for their work on this hybrid firmware. Superparasites source code is available on Patrick's Github repo.

Core Firmware

Check the original documentation from Mutable Instruments for more info.

Superparasites Firmware

Check the original documentation for Clouds Parasites and Kammerl firmware for more info.


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