Euro-K Teenage Engineering Keyboard Eurorack Adapter

POKIT: Eurorack conversion kit for the Pocket Operator Keyboard

The Model 16 Pocket Operator Keyboard (POK) from Teenage Engineering packs four channels of powerful modular sequencing, arpeggiation, and quantizing functionality into one very affordable standalone device.

POKIT allows you to easily integrate this device into your Eurorack system. The kit includes a Eurorack-compatible front panel, a power conversion adapter that plugs directly into your Eurorack power distribution board, and custom fasteners to connect everything together.

Because the Teenage Engineering modular system was designed for compatibility with Eurorack CV standards, POKIT is all that's required to convert the POK into a Eurorack module that works your existing Eurorack case and power supply.

Preorders Are Open

Preorder now to reserve a kit from the first batch at a discounted price. Kits will start shipping in January 2020. Paypal is used for checkout. Paypal accepts credit card payments even if you don't have a Paypal account.

What's Included

POKIT includes the following:

The MIDI OUT and SYNC OUT jacks from the POK can be brought to the front panel. This requires drilling two holes (marked on the front panel), installing two standard 3.5mm jacks, and soldering four wires. This modification requires basic DIY skills and tools, no tech support is offered.

Note that the Pocket Operator Keyboard unit itself is NOT included and must be purchased separately from Teenage Engineering or one of their retail partners.


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