Grayscale Binary

Binary: a one-bit analog computer for calculating boolean logic functions

Binary takes up to six pulse/logic inputs and determines whether the output state should be a one (+5V) or a zero (0V) based on the state of the inputs. This type of simple boolean logic circuit was used as the building block of early analog computers in order to create more complex calculation functions. Likewise, you can use Binary to mix, merge, and mute up to six pulse sources and create more complex rhythmic patterns.

Binary was conceived as a solution for combining sequences from multiple Algorhythm modules, but it works just as well with other modular trigger/gate sources. If you're not familiar with boolean logic functions, see this page for some useful diagrams.

Ordering Info

Binary modules and kits have sold out. Check with our dealers for more inventory. As of Dec 2021 Analogue Haven still has assembled modules and DIY kits.


User Manual Version 1.1 [pdf]