Grayscale is dedicated to improving the user experience of the Eurorack modular format. Starting in early 2013 with an alternate front panel for the 4ms PEG, the company has expanded into module design and manufacturing while also offering a wide range of alternate and DIY front panels.


Have a question about a Grayscale product? Want to add something to an existing preorder? Send an email and we'll respond quickly.

Retail Orders

Grayscale modules, DIY kits, and front panels are available from:

Name Location Modules Panels
Analogue Haven Los Angeles, CA (US)
Boutique Pedal NYC Online (JP + US)
Control Brooklyn, NY (US)
Control Voltage Portland, OR (US)
Foxtone Minneapolis, MN (US)
Modular Addict Milwaukee, WI (US)
Nerd Audio Chicago, IL (US)
Noisebug Los Angeles, CA (US)
Patchcable Tasmania (AU)
Perfect Circuit Los Angeles, CA (US)
Rubadub Glasgow, Scotland (UK)
Schneidersladen Berlin, Germany (DE)
SynthCube Boston, MA (US)
Synth City Chicago, IL (US)
Thonk Brighton, England (UK)

Direct Orders

All orders placed through the Grayscale site are processed with Paypal. You can use a credit card for payment even if you don't have a Paypal account. Just use the "Check Out" option.

Orders are shipped via USPS. A shipment notification will be sent to your email when the order is shipped. USPS tracking is available for all shipments within the US. For international shipments, a customs number is provided, which can also be used for tracking in most countries outside of the US.

Products that are up for preorder may take several weeks to ship. Please take note of indicated shipping timeframes.

Changing Front Panels

It's easy to install alternate panels. See the videos by Make Noise and Intellijel for guidance. You can also use the panel swapping services offered by Control or Control Voltage.

Note that most panels include a protective plastic film on the front, which should be removed before installation. If your panels look scratched upon delivery, it's probably just the film.

The video below by DivKid shows the process of removing a Make Noise Echophon panel and installing the alternate version.